Fair Play is a boutique consultancy delivering tailored solutions for business enterprises seeking to address their responsibility to respect human rights.

We aim to serve the growing community of forward-thinking businesses that recognize that meeting this responsibility is not only ethically valuable, but also makes good business sense. By implementing policies which deal head-on with issues such as labour rights, community relations, and supply chain sourcing, our clients can insulate themselves from costs associated with losing the social license to operate and enhance their public reputation.

With consumers demonstrating an increasing awareness of the impacts of corporate behaviour, it is vital that enterprises address these issues by undertaking human rights due diligence. Fair Play can guide you in this process by carrying out the following services:

1) Diagnostic human rights consultations
2) Human rights policy drafting
3) Human rights risk assessment
4) Human rights impact assessment
5) Periodic monitoring and reporting
6) Facilitating victim access to remedy, including by establishing human rights grievance mechanisms

To learn more about the nexus between business and human rights, please visit our news feed. We have also included links to some of the relevant international legal documents that deal with issues relating to business and human rights.

To discuss your company’s needs and discover how Fair Play can help your business, please contact us.


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