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Teaching Business and Human Rights at Pepperdine Law School in London

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of giving a two-hour lecture to a group of law students from Pepperdine Law School in Malibu, California who are enjoying their semester abroad in London. I’ve always enjoyed teaching human rights. I discovered this when teaching US Constitutional Law to high school students in inner-city San Francisco, whose […]

@hrw @hrwfilmfestival 2017 Human Rights Watch Film Festival

It’s my favourite time of year! I love the Human Rights Watch Film Festival – a chance to learn about the impressive human rights activists working in corners of the globe I might never have the opportunity to visit, all through the wonderful medium of film. Going to the movies on my own has long been one […]

Fifth Annual UN Forum on Business and Human Rights

It’s that time of year again – the business and human rights community’s annual pilgrimage to the Palais des Nations in Geneva. What happens in those hallowed halls? Reports were launched, ideas were shared, and connections were made – but what meaningful progress can we speak about now, five years on from the adoption of […]

New EU Study Released

The European Commission has just released a fascinating study analyzing a sample of EU companies to determine whether they have made any public reference to the core international standards related to CSR. I encourage anyone with an interest in business and human rights to read the results, which are succinct, clear, and sometimes surprising. For […]

Corporate human rights abuse in Colombia

On Wednesday evening I attended an excellent presentation of a fact-finding mission to Colombia examining human rights violations perpetrated by large multinational corporations. The UK lawyers who designed the visit are hoping to raise international awareness of the plight of the indigenous communities in Colombia, where a wealth of natural resources is being exploited by […]

Making the case for human rights and business: more than just CSR

One of the key observations I’ve made while surveying the extractive companies listed on the Forbes Global 2000  is that the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and human rights tend to get conflated, if not totally confused. This is unsurprising insofar as my own business model is built around the fact that many companies are […]

What is the riskiest country in the world to do business?

I have only recently stumbled across the work of Maplecroft, which I find infinitely fascinating. While most of their work product requires a subscription to access (understandably), last week The Guardian republished their Global Political Risk Atlas which provides an excellent at-a-glance view of risks based on conflict, terrorism, enforced regime change and resource nationalism in the […]