Last week I had the pleasure of attending an excellent symposium organised by the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) and the law firm Eversheds on business and human rights. I enjoy attending events like this, especially when they address such a broad range of topics, as it is a welcome chance to take stock of […]

I’ve been pleased to witness a palpable uptick in media coverage on business and human rights issues in the last few months. The current furore over the Panama Papers demonstrates the widespread outrage most citizens feel when confronted by corporate wrongdoing. This is the case even when the actions in question may not be illegal; […]

This week I attended a wonderful event at the Law Society organized by the CORE Coalition, the Business and Human Rights Resource Center, and the British Institute for International and Comparative Law. By this point in my London-based consulting career the names and faces are familiar; the business and human rights community is welcomingly compact […]

I’ve just returned from Geneva, where I had the pleasure of attending this unmissable event in the business and human rights calendar. For in-depth coverage on the various panel sessions and side events, the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre has a stellar portal, available here. It’s always difficult to summarise such a large and […]

As the world waits with bated breath to see how the US Congress will vote on military intervention in Syria, the good folks at Chatham House called on their contacts in the foreign policy brain trust to give their considered opinions on the options, the likely outcomes, and the potential unintended consequences of such action. […]

I listened to President U Thein Sein address a packed crowd at Chatham House last night regarding the future of Burma/Myanmar. The event was not short on pageantry, nor on protest, both of which we now come to expect during a visit from an acting head of state. The contrast between the motorcade of BMW […]

I’ve just returned from Paris, where I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct hosted by the OECD. Conferences offer a great opportunity to assess the state of play of business and human rights, and this one showed that the momentum around implementation of the OECD Guidelines on Multinational […]